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In the past two years, online gambling has become adults’ primary entertainment source. The UK gambling industry alone has seen an increase of 25% to 50% in online account registration. If you are a regular UK online gamer, you have probably encountered several self-exclusion tools in UK betting sites, including Gamstop.

Among the most commonly asked questions about Gamstop is ‘how long does Gamstop last.’ while many UK gamblers find this software to be of great assistance, you might wonder if this tool is suitable for you. This article will provide you with in-depth details about how this tool works and more Gamstop-related questions that are commonly asked.

GamStop Exclusion Ended – What’s next?

The Remote Gambling Association introduced the free national internet self-exclusion program called GamStop. The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited, a non-profit organization, runs it. The primary goal of this tool is to help UK gamblers with their problem gambling tendencies. Over the years, it has proven to be successful in keeping UK problem gamblers away from UKGC betting sites and any other betting platforms located in the UK.

When your self-exclusion term ends, it is common to wonder what happens next. So, if your exclusion period is approaching and you are conflicted on what to do next, here are a few steps to follow to ensure that you do not land on Gamstop again.

Thoroughly Assess Your Betting Condition and Status

As you fast approach the end of your self-exclusion period, one of the most vital questions to consider is, ‘are you ready to start betting again?’ Assess your gambling behaviour and evaluate whether you are ready to start betting once again. Analyse where you went wrong, especially if you have been struggling with a gambling addiction.

Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly to determine your betting condition and current gambling status. It is also critical to question whether you can maintain specific gambling limits that align with responsible gambling.

Do You Want to Bet on UKGC Betting Sites or Offshore Bookmakers?

If you do not struggle with problem gambling, you have probably searched for offshore betting sites while on self-exclusion. You must have also compared their offerings to those on UKGC sports betting sites. Although those with UKGC licensing are better suited for a UK gambler, international bookies give you access to more variety and access to international sporting events. Furthermore, you can bet using credit cards and cryptocurrency on offshore sites.

Assess Regulations Executed by the UK Gambling Commission

As a UK gambler, it is vital to know and understand the rules set by UKGC. For instance, you should know about the payment limitations, what you need to complete KYC processes, and how to use bonus deals and promotions. Assume that the rules outlined in the sections above will hinder your betting activity and impact your gambling experience. In that situation, you should start thinking about depositing money on gambling websites that are not Gamstop registered.

What Happens When Gamstop Ends?

When registering with Gamstop, you will be prohibited from gambling on sites registered with the self-exclusionary system. Rather than just prohibiting you from one site, it will exclude you from all UK betting sites registered in Gamstop all at once. Let us take a deeper look at how this tool works.

What Does Gamstop Do?

A commonly asked question on UKGC gambling sites is ‘What does Gamstop Do?’ Generally, Gamstop is a no-cost registration exclusion program that enables gamblers to stop gambling. By doing so, you can overcome your addiction to gambling or utilize the cooling-off duration to reconsider how you ought to manage your gambling activity.

This exclusion plan is distinct from all others. That covers all gaming businesses with UKGC licenses, but excludes international betting sites. The purpose is to simultaneously ban you from all bookies who have accounts with Gamstop.

When registering with this network, you must submit your information, including your entire name, birthdate, and phone number. Additionally, you must disclose your postal code, home address, and any additional addresses that may be getting advertising materials for gambling. You must also disclose any other email addresses you might use for gambling and your primary email address.

Finally, after you have had a chance to double-check the information you have entered, you will be requested to prove your identity. It should be noted that this self-exclusion tool only applies to online UK bookies and not betting shops. Gambling blockers like Bet Blocker or Gamban also operate in the same way.

Does Gamstop Include Casinos?

Another common Gamstop-related question is, ‘does Gamstop include casinos?’ This self-exclusion tool only applies to online betting sites and online casinos registered with the system and have a UKGC license. But, it does not apply to land-based casinos, betting shops, and national lotteries.

Its software assumes that online casino players are in a category alone, even though this can be a severe flaw. The 2020 UKGC ruling compelled all online casinos holding a UKGC license to become members of Gamstop and publish information on prohibited players.

Therefore, players prone to addictive gambling tendencies can use this tool to block themselves from further gambling. Once you visit a casino while registered on Gamstop, you get blocked instantly. You also cannot reverse your exclusion until the duration is over. The sites will also not send promotional gambling material to banned players on the Gamstop database.

As mentioned earlier, prohibited players will only be banned from playing at UK casino sites. They can still opt to enjoy betting on offshore casino sites, which are really gaining widespread popularity in the UK.

What Happens After Gamstop’s Self-exclusion Period Ends?

Most bettors registered with Gamstop think that once the self-exclusion period ends, they will start betting automatically, just as they had before their Gamstop registration. But this tool does not work that way. So, what happens when your self-exclusion period stops? The subsequent actions depend on whether you wish to lift or extend your ban.

Reach Out to Gamstop to Stop the Exclusion

Many bettors think that once their self-exclusion period stops, they will automatically go back to betting on UK betting sites. But, to stop your exclusion, you must contact the organization’s customer support to inform them of your wish to lift the ban. But, keep in mind that even after the ban, you might experience problems with online bookies and even get blocked in some circumstances.

Log In To Your Gamstop Account to Extend the Ban

If you want to extend your exclusion period or have more fun betting on international gambling sites, you can log in to your Gamstop account and prolong your ban. You can also do this if you still feel you are struggling with problem gambling or have unhealthy habits that keep you from enjoying the betting action.

If you do not contact Gamstop to lift or extend your ban, your exclusion period will remain in effect indefinitely. But if you think you need a certain amount of time to feel secure in yourself, sign in to your account on Gamstop and select the new exclusion duration. The ban will take effect as soon as you save your selections.

How Long Does Gamstop Take to Remove Exclusion?

Now that you have an answer to, ‘what does Gamstop do?’ and what you should do when your exclusion term ends, it is time to know how long does Gamstop last. As we mentioned earlier, you must contact customer support to disclose whether you want to prolong or lift your ban.

If you want to lift the ban, the process will take over seven days. You will also have to finish a 24-hour cooling period so that the system ensures that you have complete control when gambling after the exclusion period has passed.

Once the exclusion period has been deactivated and you complete the 24-hour cool-off period, you can access any UK betting site you previously had access to. But, if you still cannot access any sites you had access to before the exclusion period, you should contact Gamstop customer support for further assistance.

How Long Does Gamstop Exclusion Last?

If you have been asking ‘how long does Gamstop last,’ read on to find the answer. Gamstop’s self-exclusion tool can last anywhere between 6 months and five years. However, it depends on how long you extend or lift your ban. But, if you opt for a 1-year exclusion period, you cannot dismiss the exclusion before the end of the one-year term. But, you can extend the period as much as possible.

Registered bettors can find their exclusion status by logging into their Gamstop accounts. The tool is not responsible for informing the player when the term has expired, so this needs to be verified from time to time. If you fail to notify Gamstop of the end of your exclusion period, an automatic seven-year exclusion term is added to your cooling-off period.

Gamstop Duration

When registering on Gamstop, you get to choose between three durations. They include:

  • Six months
  • One year
  • Five years

You will have 24 hours to settle any pending transactions on any bookies after submitting your registration and selecting your chosen exclusion duration. After that, the exclusion period will go into effect. Please note that you cannot undo this action once you have opened a GamStop account and selected your exclusion time. You will not be able to access your online betting accounts going forward, and you will not get any notifications or marketing mail from online bookies registered with Gamstop.

Does Gamstop Work?

Many UK gamblers can attest that Gamstop does work. Not only will it prevent you from playing at UK betting sites, but it will also ensure that you practice responsible gambling once your exclusion period restarts again. However, players must willingly register an account and provide accurate details to work effectively. Some details you have to submit include birth names and all email addresses you use for gambling, including the primary email, phone number, and email addresses.


GamStop is a powerful technique for reducing compulsive gambling’s negative consequences on gamblers. Depending on how they felt and their gambling status when the cool-off period ended, the attitudes of the gambler and his immediate community determine whether the ban should be lifted or extended.

After time has passed, many gamers remain unable to sign in to gambling sites and must proceed through many challenging steps to acquire access again. GamStop registration effectively restricts gamblers’ excessive gaming tendencies and is crucial for sustaining a responsible and safe gambling culture.


How do I know if my Gamstop self-exclusion period is over?

There are two techniques to determine how long does GamStop last. Use your login information to access your GamStop registered account first. You will discover all the data required for your cool-off time. If not, you can get assistance by contacting the customer care team for the program.

Should I lift my Gamstop ban?

Before making this decision, you should consider whether you have overcome potential gambling addiction. It would be wiser for you to prolong your exclusion duration for however long it is necessary if you are not confident that you will not make the same mistake again.

Can I dismiss Gamstop before my exclusion time lapses?

No. You must wait until your cooling-off period lapses for the exclusion to be dismissed. Once the term lapses, you must contact Gamstop customer support to terminate the ban; otherwise, you will not be able to access any gambling site registered with Gamstop.

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