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Have you been eager to gamble by bypassing all the GAMSTOP-related restrictions? Have you made out you have no problem gambling and want to undo all the limitations? Here we are to shed light on everything you may need to keep on gambling in the UK with no limits.

Recently, GAMSTOP has been the most searched term on the web for online gambling. Some players are eager to know how to cancel GAMSTOP, but the process can be extremely tricky.

You have to wait until the self-exclusion period ends. You can use options to play during the self-exclusion period. Why do players want to break this ban? The process of cancelling the service is complicated. So, one would have to waste pretty much time to remove GAMSTOP.

So, we will expertly single out all the main steps regarding how to remove GAMSTOP hassle-free.

Keep on reading to ferret out all the details right away!


GAMSTOP is a UK-based gambling-related self-exclusion online platform. Regardless of being beset by delays, it was launched in 2017. It provides self-exclusions that will make gambling impossible at all UK Gambling Commission casinos when a stock creates an account.

At present, plenty of GAMSTOP users regret utilising this platform and want to discontinue the restriction. As we have mentioned, this is not allowed. You can just extend the ban or wait until it expires.

Players not addicted to gambling or solving the problem are always fond of removing the ban as soon as possible. How to stop GAMSTOP is a crucial question for them since there is no need for them to use GAMSTOP anymore.

Quick Facts on GAMSTOP

Before we show you how to remove the GAMSTOP membership, we would like to shed light on some vital facts related to it:

  • The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited pulls the strings of GAMSTOP.
  • UK-based gambling platforms can’t function legally without having a reference to GAMSTOP.
  • How long does GAMSTOP last? Your exclusion period can be either six months, 12 months, or five years.
  • Each gambler is on the blacklist by GAMSTOP until their exclusion period’s over.
  • All UK casinos ice the gamblers out who have an active exclusion period at GAMSTOP.
  • Approximately 180 UK-located casinos undergo the guidance by GAMSTOP and the UK Gambling Commission in Great Britain.

In other words, it’s pretty complicated to bypass the ban imposed by GAMSTOP and carry on gambling online at the online casinos in Great Britain.

What is the GAMSTOP removal process like? What obstacles would one put up with to get rid of GAMSTOP? Here, in this article, we will tick off all the possible actions you have to take. In addition, we will wise up to all the concise answers to all possible questions you might have.

So, how does it shape the process of sodding off the removal? Will it take too much time to have knowledge of how to get off GAMSTOP?

GAMSTOP Removal Process: General Information

GAMSTOP is a reputable scheme that has been fruitfully functioning for several years. Nevertheless, this program frequently serves as an obstacle to safe gambling anyway for people with no gambling-related problems efficiency. The scheme frequently works too good so that a gambler may need to have it cancelled earlier than the self-exclusion period finishes. How possible is it? What kind of consequences may it usher?

In addition, the casinos that do not stick to GAMSTOP should ring a bell, as they are a steeping way to omit all the restrictions and keep on gambling and winning big!

Can I Stop GAMSTOP After the Self-excluding Period?

Yes, stopping the GAMSTOP membership is possible as soon as the self-exclusion period is over. What steps are to cancel your GAMSTOP status after the self-exclusion mops up? Cast a glance at the following actions that you are to do a bang-up job of

  1. Sign in to your GAMSTOP self-exclusion account.
  2. Get ahold of the representative of the platform.
  3. Fill out the official request on the website to drive all your details out from the database.
  4. Wait for 24 hours to cancel the GAMSTOP participation.

These four easy steps would advance you to ban-free gambling and would let you admire all the perks of UK online gambling.

In fact, self-exclusion with GAMSTOP is a specially designed form of exclusion from gambling that the casino or other gaming establishment applies. The membership at GAMSTOP can be either voluntary or involuntary and usually  to for a set period that one can’t cut off until it finishes on its own.

In compliance with GAMSTOP policies and conditions, you cannot enter the premises to gamble if you have voluntarily self-excluded yourself from a casino. If you have been involuntarily self-excluded from a casino, you can still enter the premises, but you will not be able to gamble for real money.

Can I Stop GAMSTOP While Still Being in Self-exclusion?

Unfortunately, following the terms imposed by the platform and the UK Gambling Commission, it is impossible. If a person breaks the self-exclusion, they will be banned from the online casino for a certain period. If they keep on giving a try to enter the casino during this time, they will be arrested and charged with trespassing.

The most efficient solution, in this case, is to use the casino platforms/websites/apps that do not cooperate with the self-exclusion tool.

Nonetheless, it is a severe step to take, so be sure to understand that not all gambling ventures are secure and legal.

What we suggest is that you are to cast a glance at the online casinos that we locate here. They do not push for self-exclusion. Below, we are posting some critical criteria we have come up with to let you easier indicate which gambling houses are better to sign up with.

How We Review Sites That Don’t Ask For GamStop Removal

We are constantly evaluating new online casinos to find the best gambling alternatives for players. The non-GAMSTOP casinos generally offer all the basic features of a casino, but there are differences. For example, the selection of games, bonuses or even customer service opening hours may vary from casino to casino.

Our approach to reviewing websites and apps that don’t ask for GAMSTOP removal or our review criteria is always carefully selected. And we are constantly updating our information. So you will carry on finding the safest and best online casinos that do not require any GAMSTOP removal.

As a result, we always pay special attention to the following aspects of the online casinos:

  • Game selection;
  • Bonuses and promotions;
  • User interface and gaming experience;
  • Customer service available;
  • Safety of the gambling environment.

Game Selection Accessible

The selection of games, or the game library, is a vital part of all casinos’ operations in the UK. We continually assess if there is a wide range of games to offer from different categories, from traditional/classic slots to live games to jackpot games.

A large part of the game selection on any non-GAMSTOP gambling website is the game providers that manufacture all the games. As evident, we value casinos that offer a wide range of games from different game manufacturers. In addition, we expect to be provided by the most popular manufacturers, such as NetEnt, Play’n GO and Pragmatic Play.

Bonus and Promo Campaigns Available

Bonuses and promotions give the player an added advantage to play. The welcome bonus is often the most significant of the benefits, but we also pay attention to how players will be rewarded later. The right kind of reward for regular customers is suitable for both the player and the casino.

Various tournaments and tournaments are also on the minds of many players, so we will also check out these when evaluating the best casinos.

Gaming experience

The interface and gaming experience go hand in hand. The casinos that don’t require or don’t pay attention to GAMSTOP should always be easy to identify and deposit, and the interface and the casino gaming platform are crucial.

An efficient website or application works on all devices without unnecessarily lagging or waiting. That is why we always expect a high-quality HTML 5-based website/layout from a modern online casino.

Customer Service

Customer service, or client support, is an essential to the gaming experience, but many may not think about its significance before playing. We also familiarise ourselves with the forms of customer service offered by a casino in advance.

Many high-quality casinos that don’t require GAMSTOP offer a wide range of customer service, for example, via live chat and e-mail – and during the opening hours! There may also be multi-language customer service available, which is a significant advantage.

Safety of Gambling Environment

Regardless of being cut off GAMSTOP, the casinos that we suggest you use is to be still safe. It assumes that a casino should have a license and be controlled by the gambling authorities. Otherwise, the probability of bumping into the scam is pretty high.

By applying these criteria on your own or by reading our recommendations, you let yourself have an excellent chance to participate in gambling that does not cause any scam and does not lead to adverse outcomes.

Moreover, we suggest you pay attention to these criteria as we do – significantly if you plan to reverse GAMSTOP. By the way, we’ve come up with the core advantages of reversing it and some downsides you will likely run smack into.

Pros of Reversing GAMSTOP

GAMSTOP self-exclusion is an excellent tool for those who want to break their gambling addiction (no matter your addiction level). What is more, GAMSTOP allows you to set a time when you will not be able to access the gambling site/app or take part in any gambling activities.

You can also use this time to work on other things in your life that may have been neglected while playing.

Reversing GAMSTOP carries countless advantages for the gamblers, whatever it may sound like. The range of pros comprises some evident aspects and the psychological benefits, namely:

  1. The first (and the most important) is that you will realise that the game is not an addiction for you anymore. It means you can gamble being guided by various reasons like trying to win a prize or out of necessity. When playing like this, you understand that there is nothing that can be qualified as an addiction.
  2. GAMSTOP is a pretty radical solution. Maybe, you need some lighter options. For example, the casino allows you to block your entry for as long as you prefer. During the chosen period, you will not be able to enter or withdraw money from your account or consult it. You will also be unable to create a new account to play again. But you may cancel such a self-exclusion any time, while GAMSTOP self-exclusion doesn’t depend on your desire.
  3. If you or your family/spouse do not consider your gambling problem, you do not need any GAMSTOP. So, as a result, you will want to receive some type of offer, message or promotion of the casino services. In other words, you should not forget about playing, but  you may focus on understanding the importance of approaching each game from a more appropriate point of view.

These have been some fundamental advantages that you would unlock if reversing GAMSTOP. In addition, you will easily stumble upon some other pros if you decide to have your GAMSTOP changed, namely:

  • Great opportunity to renew your gambling activities. If you’re a professional gambler, you understand that your only source of income is gambling, so restarting to participate in casino activities is crucial.
  • Money for living. Whether you’re a newbie to gambling or a seasoned player, the casino is a fantastic opportunity to earn. Gambling history witnessed countless cases when regular persons became millionaires thanks to winnings in gambling.
  • A perfect way to have fun.Both real money and demo gambling approaches bestow unlimited fun to gamblers. It is one of the top reasons why so many players are into gambling.

So, it is a pretty extensive list of advantages that reversing GAMSTOP brings to every program participant. We’re sure you’ve found lots of meaningful information in this page.

Cons of Undoing GamStop

Regardless of the numerous benefits you’d receive if you decide to reverse your GAMSTOP, there are still some risks and shortcomings. Yes, gambling is undoubtedly a risky, so one should always keep an eye out for not crossing the dangerous line.

As a consequence, the following downsides are always possible:

  • Hypothetical probability to get back to problem gambling if uncontrolled;
  • A chance to lose money as a result of gambling uncontrolled;
  • More complicated way to stop gambling again;
  • Lots of time spent on gambling would deprive a player of energy and happiness.

So, it all means that you are always supposed to take your gambling initiatives seriously. Otherwise, the form of entertainment and money-making would become an obstacle that is hard to go through.

If you still do not stumble upon all the answers to your questions in the text, be sure to feast your eyes on the FAQs we have posted for your convenience. They’ll undoubtedly let you know all the details.

Ways How To Cancel GAMSTOP FAQs

Is it dangerous to reverse GAMSTOP for an online gambler?

Regardless of the possible shortcomings, it is not extremely dangerous. In any case, be advised to stick to the self-control measures not to cause the problem gambling situation again.

How long does it take to cancel GAMSTOP?

If all the steps listed on this page have been taken correctly, the procedure of cancelling the program would take up to 24 hours. It means that since the moment you’d requested the cancellation, it’s taken 24 hours still with no access to gambling activities at the UK casinos. After the support of the program approves of the cancellation, all of the casinos will welcome you again, and you will have a chance to gamble again, having a profit out of all the benefits.

Are the UK casinos that do not require GAMSTOP legal and safe?

In fact, we did our best to review and analyse all the casinos you may use without cancelling GAMSTOP. So, you may be sure that no gambling app/platform we review can harm you. In any case, stick to control measures not to cause the gambling addiction cases again.

Is it legal to cancel GAMSTOP in the UK?

Yes, absolutely. When it comes to this platform for self-exclusion, you should always keep in mind that your self-reflection is paramount, meaning you have to realise it on your own if you are still having a gambling problem or you can be in saddle.

Can I renew my GAMSTOP in case if I feel like dealing with a problem gambling case?

After you cancel the program, you are again eligible to start your self-exclusion period. However, stick to the rule that if you restart it, do not quit it again until it is over. Be sure to mitigate your problem and then start gambling again.

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