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It is not a secret that online gambling can be quite exciting and fun. However, if you are not careful, things can go out of hand. Thankfully, there are certain programs that can help you deal with gambling addiction. GamStop is a self-exclusion program where punters can set a limit or monitor their online gambling activities.

As of now, the only method that can help you get around GamStop is by contacting the customer support center and officially requesting them to deactivate the block. However, this method can take a lot of time, including a 24-hours cooling period. Additionally, the time will only increase if the casino operators want to check whether your self-exclusion is successfully completed or not.

In this article, we will talk about the different ways that you can get around GamStop without attracting the attention of the casino operators or GamStop.

How to get around GamStop: General casino information

Before we get into learning how to get around GamStop, let us learn some basics of it first. GamStop is a UK-based online gambling site self-exclusion program that allows gamblers to self-exclude from all online casinos in one go. The goal of GamStop is to prevent punters from developing a gambling addiction. This tool allows gamblers to gamble responsibly. The registration process is quick and simple; once you are registered, you simply need to select the duration of the self-exclusion, which will stop your access to all UK-based online gambling platforms.

Best sites to avoid GamStop

Apart from learning how to get round GamStop, we have also provided you with some of the best gambling sites that will help you avoid GamStop, which include:

1. MyStake

How to get Around Gamstop?
Mystake Sportsbook
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MyStake is an amazing online gambling site not registered with GamStop. This casino is considered a favorite among professional punters. Here, you will find all types of games like live dealer games, virtual sports, etc. Overall, the casino is quite reputable and amazing.

2. Rolleto

How to get Around Gamstop?
Rolletto Sportsbook
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Another great option for sites not registered with GamStop is Rolleto, which offers a wide range of slot games. The site is recognized internationally and has received amazing reviews from top casino reviewers. The site is known to offer some amazing bonuses to its customers.

3. AmigoWins

How to get Around Gamstop?
Amigo Wins Casino

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AmigoWins is a great non-GamStop betting site that is ideal for people that want to use their social media profiles to create an account here. Additionally, the site also offers different types of games for its customers, ranging from live dealer games to sports betting options.

4. Lady Linda Casino

How to get Around Gamstop?
Lady Linda Casino
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Finally, we have the Lady Linda Casino, which is a non-GamStop betting website. The site is particularly known for offering a wide range of payment methods to its customers. The range of games here is also quite nice, especially if you love table games and online slots.

What are the top ways around GamStop: TOP 5 Guides

Are you having a hard time getting around GamStop? If yes, you can try out these methods that we have provided to you:

Details to change to get around GamStop

One of the best ways to learn how to get around self-exclusion via GamStop is to change your details. The database at GamStop works uniquely in the terms of data. Perhaps the easiest method to start playing at any GamStop betting site is to create a new account by providing different information. All you need to do is head over to any UKGC casino and then to the Create Account/Registration page.

Next, you will simply have to fill in the required information like name, phone number, email address, and even a banking method.

Once you have filled up the information differently than how you did before, you will be able to start playing at UKGC betting sites for real money. Additionally, you will also not have to deal with the restrictions that often come with GamStop.

Ask your friends for help to get around GamStop

Since you are already registered on GamStop, all the sites will be alerted of your ID when you try to visit UKGC gambling sites. One of the ways to learn how to bypass GamStop is to ask your family members and friends for help.

You can ask your family members and friends if you can utilize their names to create a new account. With this, you will be using their account to play on these gambling platforms. Since the name you have selected is not recognized by GamStop, you will not be restricted from visiting and playing at any UKGC betting site.

When you play using an account of your friend or family member, GamStop will not stop you from accessing the betting platforms because the account is not related to your account. In fact, most punters often use this method to engage in some gambling activities, even though they are going through their self-exclusion period.

However, the only issue with this method is that you will have to ask them for their banking information as well. Most gambling sites match the banking information to the registered name. Therefore, you will not be able to use your payment information. Hence, you will have to ask them for their payment information for withdrawing and depositing funds.

Ways to get around GamStop using VPN

One of the best ways to get around GamStop is to use VPN to access the sites. If you did not know already, VPN tools are used to change the geographical location of the user. Most people use VPN tools to access sites that are blocked in certain countries. These tools work similarly for GamStop as well. You can use VPN tools to change your geographical location so that it appears that you are playing from another location. Once done, you will be able to access UKGC casinos with ease.

Land-based casinos

This is the simplest tip for getting around GamStop. If you are unable to play at any online gambling sites in the UK because of GamStop, you can simply visit land-based casinos. At these traditional betting venues, you can play for as long as you want, provided that you have the funds to do so.

Now, there are many reasons why people prefer online gambling. For instance, these betting sites are available 24*7 and offer a lot more conveniences than their brick-and-mortar versions. Additionally, you can win real money from the comfort of your home, and the stakes are much lower online.

While land-based casinos may not offer such benefits, they can be quite fun too. These casinos are not a part of the GamStop exclusion program, which means that GamStop will not be able to stop you from betting at these venues. Depending on where you stay, it may be a time-saving and convenient option for you.

However, there are some precautions that you need to take. When you visit land-based betting venues, it is recommended that you set a particular limit on how much you are willing to spend. This way, you will know exactly when you need to stop before you overdo it. Responsible gambling and control should always be on your mind.

Offshore casino: one of the best ways around GamStop

There used to be a time when the UK Gambling Commission used to rule the world of online gambling, particularly in Europe. However, those days are long gone! In today’s time, you will find a wide range of online gambling platforms that have been regulated and licensed by regulatory authorities outside the UK.

However, what does this mean? Since punters from the UK have a reputation for spending a good amount of money, there are several offshore gambling sites where you can play. Of course, there are certain limitations – for instance, you will have to use a VPN tool to access certain casino sites. Additionally, you will have to find different ways to deposit or withdraw money to and from your casino accounts since it is likely that your debit/credit cards will not work.

Pros And Cons Of Ways How To Get Around GamStop

Now that you have an understanding of how you can get around GamStop, here are some pros and cons of the same:

  • Return To The World Of Gambling – When you manage to find a way around GamStop, it means that you will have an opportunity to return to gambling. Apart from helping you earn money, it also means a lot of entertainment and fun.
  • Additional Income – The best part of online gambling is that you have the opportunity to earn money from the comfort of your home and/or office. Once you find a way around GamStop, you will be able to win extra real money.
  • Amazing For Passing Time – Gambling can be considered entertainment. Therefore, this can be considered an activity that you can engage in at any time. Additionally, it can also be considered a hobby. Once you have gone around GamStop, you can start having fun again.
  • Can Be Dangerous – If you prevent self-exclusion and are not yet in control of your gambling habits, then it could be quite dangerous. A problematic punter may end up mortgaging his property, car, and home to play and might end up losing everything.
  • Difficult To Stop – People that have gambling may have difficulty stopping gambling if they find a way around GamStop. This is the reason why GamStop has been developed in the first place.
  • Potential Financial Problems – The only way addiction can be cured is by engaging with the habit. In the case of gambling addiction, you will end up with more money than you plan on spending. This can create a lot of potential financial problems for you and your family.

Popular Questions Ways Around GamStop Program

What Are The Methods To Cancel GamStop?

There are no methods available that can cancel GamStop midway. However, you can still utilize the methods mentioned above to get around GamStop.

Is It Safe To Cancel GamStop?

This will depend on the situation. If you think that you have enough control over your gambling habits, then you can cancel GamStop. However, if you think that you will fall back into your bad habits, it is recommended that you do not cancel your GamStop subscription.

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